Kanye West has been making waves with his controversial comments since his return to social media, especially his affiliation with President Trump. While many are confused as to why 'Ye would be drawn to a character like No. 45, Amber Rose, who dated Yeezy for two years, can see the similarities.

Kanye's ex sat down for an interview with The Fallen State on Thursday (May 17), where she discussed a number of topics including her popular annual SlutWalk, Yeezy and her relationship with 21 Savage.

When asked about West's love for Trump, Rose said she could see why the Chicago rapper would be allured with the reality show star turned president. "When I first seen Trump on the podium or running for president, I was like, oh my God, that is Kanye in a white man's body," Rose said. "I really felt like they have the same personality. Like, completely the same personality."

Rose added that she hopes 'Ye's support of Trump has a good motive "I would like to think Kanye met with Trump. And Trump said, 'Look, I seen these people, I knew they were going to vote for me. And I used them to get elected. And I can't tell nobody that 'cause I want to get a second term. But now that I'm in office, I really want to make a change,'" she said, hypothetically speaking. "Kanye can't snitch on him, he can't snitch on himself. Maybe he's thinking of the greater good Trump can do for the country."

Another hot topic during the interview was her relationship with 21 Savage, particularly his participation in the SlutWalk, where he sported a sign that read: "I'm a Hoe Too."

Rose defended the rapper's stance. "He is the most secure man I have ever met in my life for saying that, and Ima tell you why," Amber said around the 30 minute mark. "If he can go out and he can sleep with an abundance of women, he is not labeled a hoe, he is labeled a man. For me, I can sleep with three guys and I'm labeled a hoe. He's basically saying, 'Look, if she's a hoe, I'm a hoe too.'"

Check out Amber Rose's full interview on The Fallen State below.

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