You can leave Al Sharpton off your list of folks JAY-Z offended with bars on his newly released 4:44 album. He said as much in a recent interview with the folks at TMZ.

On his 4:44 song "Family Feud," Hov criticizes Sharpton—whose recent selfies have gone viral—for...taking selfies. On the track he raps, "Al Sharpton in the mirror takin' selfies/How is him or Pill Cosby supposed to help me/Old niggas never accepted me."

Sharpton originally clapped back by taking a selfie with Empire star Bryshere Grey at the 2017 Essence Fest. When TMZ reached him, though, Sharpton had nothing but good things to say about Hova.

"For a 62-year-old man to go viral because he's on his way to work out, it's flattering," Sharpton told TMZ, clearly comfortable with his selfie-taking ways. "I'm giving a positive message, I'm telling the people, 'stay in shape no matter what the age.'"

Sharpton continues by putting things into perspective. After all, Hov did appear to take shots at Kanye West, and, Future seems to think Jay dissed him too. All things considered, Sharpton thinks he got off easy, and maybe even got some support along the way.

"What did he say?" Sharpton asks the TMZ reporter. "He dogged out everybody, and then took a little shot at me. Hey, it's all fun. I love Jay Z." Sharpton goes on to say Hov's a great guy and that's he's a fan of the rapper in general. That's the spirit.

Peep Sharpton's initial tweet clapback to Hov and his interview with TMZ below.

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