What a joyous night in Brooklyn yesterday (Dec. 1) was. At the Berg'n Beer Hall in Crown Heights, fans and VIP guests got the opportunity to catch an early screening of the next episode of Fuck, That's Delicious thanks to the good people of Vice. Fuck, That's Delicious—a show that every foodie and hip-hop fan should be watching—follows Action Bronson's food adventures as he travels the world. Throughout the series Bronson, along with trash talker of the year Big Body Bes, treat themselves to some amazing cuisine.

At Berg'n, Bronson's special guests were treated with beer, wine, pizza, amazing wings, and custom hot dogs from Asia Dog that Bronson himself crafted. Just when you think Bronson showed you all the hidden gems in NYC in his previous episodes, he surprises you with more NYC food spots you have to check out. For the latest episode, the Queens-bred MC finds the most presumptuous cab driver in the city who takes them to a Chinese Halal spot in his city, a candy shop and Mikey Likes It Ice Cream in the village, plus Best Pizza in Williamsburg. Throughout his adventure Bronson finds himself playing basketball with a random "lurker" for money (which he won), sprinkling weed on a pie of pizza for extra flavor plus a speech by Big Body explaining how naked boxing in Tims is his "new thing." This episode is gut-wrenching funny (See below).

After the screening—with a million blunts in rotation—Action along with Paul Rosenberg, Justin Nealis of Party Supplies, Big Body Bes and more went to a separate room to celebrate the 31st Birthday of Bronsolino. They even sang him a happy birthday. 'Twas a great night.

Mr. Wonderful is schedule to drop early 2015.