50 Cent says he’s in favor of the Occupy Wall Street protest out of Lower Manhattan.

“It’s really them expressing themselves and saying that they want to make change in a different way,” 50 Cent said in an appearance on CNBC’s Power Lunch on Tuesday morning (October 25).

Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan has been the main zone, in which overnight protestors have been demonstrating to balance power between 99% of the population and the richest 1%.

Occupy Wall Street wasn’t the only thing 50 discussed Tuesday, while on his press run.

The G-Unit general also mentioned that he’s “two songs away from being finished” on his next album, which is due at the end of the year, and that he’s excited about the release of his anti-bullying book Playground, which hits stores November 1.

Fif also pitched his Street King energy drink, through which he has set up a campaign through the UN World Food Programme in which a hungry child will get fed for every person that clicks likes on Facebook. –Jakinder Singh