50 Cent has enjoyed a great 2014. From his show Power earning a second season, to the resurgence of G-Unit, to releasing an abundance of music, 50's grind has been impeccable. While 50 continues his string of success, he still manages to find time to thrash on his adversaries. If you remember, last week, 50 Cent took shots at Diddy & Ciroc on Instagram. Now, 50 continues his verbal assault on the Bad Boy head honcho in his new interview with MLB.com.

While 50 Cent took us down memory lane regarding going to his first Mets game, he managed to squeeze in a slew of shots at Diddy and his past album, Last Train to Paris. He was asked if would ever branch out musically and maybe consider doing R&B. Of course, 50 responded with a huge no and tossed Puffy into the fire.

"When you see Last Train To Paris, to me, that's an R&B record cuz of how much Puffy is singing on the record. And then, I think it's trash. I think that project is garbage because I didn't think it was cool for Milli Vanilli to sing and I know he can actually hit the notes in front of us live."

Asides from battering down Puffy, he also did admit to still being nervous when performing on stage. "It's not like, 'I'm nervous. I'm gonna have a breakdown.' It's the butterflies and the anticipation of it. And then 20 seconds into the first song, something mechanically happens. Like, I kinda turn into 50 Cent."

Check out his entire interview with MLB.com here.