50 Cent showed up to bankruptcy court today (March 9) with a wad of dollar bills tucked in his belt, but just like the money he stunts with on his Instagram, nobody's sure if the dough is real or fake.

After court, 50 posted a photo of himself snacking on M&M's with a ton of $100 bills stuffed into his waistband. "For some reason people love me," he wrote in the caption. "I went to court today and all I felt was love. They asked me about money I said I ain't got none, but if you want some m&m's here ya go."

We all know Curtis loves fucking with people's heads. All of this started when 50 filed for bankruptcy in 2015 before being called into court for flashing tons of money on Instagram. 50 replied to that accusation with a simple answer: the money is fake. Duh.

Whether it's fake or not is anybody's guess, although those bills he's got tucked into his pants sure look like the real deal. But 50's gotten himself into some hot water after his bankruptcy filing because documents are surfacing that seem to dispute his claims. Papers obtained by the Daily Mail show 50 is far from broke with around $64 million in assets via property. If that's the case, his bankruptcy might look suspicious to those in the court system.

Surely their suspicions weren't quelled today when 50 walked in with bank notes, but this just looks like some of Curtis's signature antics. Either the money is fake and he's showing them an example of how he just pretends for social media, or the money is real - and he's actually stunting on the judges. Either way, let's hope none of this gets him in more legal trouble.

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