Former G-Unit member 40 Glocc is in jail for physically abusing his girlfriend, including choking her multiple times.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Glocc was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada, after brutally beating his girlfriend, including nearly chocking her to death three times in one day.

40 Glocc, born Lawrence White, allegedly unleashed the beatdown on the woman because she was "playing him," which caused him to hit her several times on the head, face, legs and rib area. He choked her to the point where she "could not speak or breathe," states the report. The GF also claims Glocc strangled her twice more before falling asleep, at which point she called 9-1-1.

40 Glocc was arrested immediately after cops, who noticed bruising and swelling all over the girlfriend's face as well as "significant bruising to her throat, consistent with strangulation injuries," arrived at the location. The woman confessed to police 40 had been abusing her for more than a year, once handcuffing her and locking her in the trunk of his car, but she was too afraid to turn to the authorities for fear he would kill her.

TMZ reports Gloc was taken to a nearby jail where he was charged with three counts of domestic battery by strangulation and coercion with force, but the rapper took to his Twitter on Saturday (December 10) to deem the accusations "lies," and add that he was in the Bronx New York, shooting a music video. "IF THE BEST THING YOU CAME UP WITH TO BEAT ME IS ATTACK ME THROUGH THE NET WITH LIES, YOU NEED TO WORK HARDER," he blasted. —Gina Montana