NBA YoungBoy is quickly rising up the ranks, so it is only right for him to connect with one of hip-hop's new stars. The Baton Rouge rapper links up with 21 Savage for a remix of NBA YoungBoy's song "Murder." The two also pair up in this new video for the track, which is just as dark as the rhymes.

"Gon' be a murder if you think bout taking some from me/Talk about yo body, but I bet you ain't gone play with me/Try me if you wanna I stay with that burner on me/I can't let you get no rip off me," NBA YoungBoy raps.

21 Savage probably sees NBA YoungBoy as a kindred spirit since the Louisiana native is no studio gangster. 21 Savage believes his realness has helped him stand out in the rap game so far.

"I’m a real gangsta, I really come from that shit," 21 Savage told XXL. "There’s other niggas too that come from that shit but most of these niggas don’t come from it. I’m not saying that it’s a problem, I’m just saying that’s what’s different from me. Like I’ve been shot, all types of shit. Lost niggas right in front of me, I’ve been in real life or death situations and shit. I’m just different from these niggas. And I’m humble and got a brain. Most of these niggas be dumb as fuck, even in their interviews, they just be looking dumb as hell. They don’t know how to speak or nothing."

Listeners can find the "Murder" remix on NBA YoungBoy's new mixtape Mind of Menace 3. The project is the follow-up to his 38 Baby mixtape, which just dropped a few weeks ago.

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