Our 2013 Freshman cover was revealed last week, and there are a few questions that have been left unanswered. Notably, readers wanted to know where was Chief Keef and why we chose Logic. Rather than leave it to speculation, MTV News sat down with XXL Editor in Chief Vanessa Satten last week to learn more about the new cover.

During the interview, Satten spoke about the goal behind the Freshman cover and how it gives opportunities to new up-and-coming artists. She also spoke on the appeal of Logic, and elaborated on Chief Keef receiving an honorary nod as the 11th Freshman.

"We locked Chief Keef down as one of the first Freshmen, and that was back in October," she said. "There was no album, there was no jail bid, there was no legal drama. So that happened after we locked him down."

She continued to say that Keef remained on the list, which will be spotlighted in a post-jail interview in the issue. Although technically Keef already dropped in album in December, Satten isn’t too worried about it. "Sometimes rules are meant to be broken," she said. "We felt it was wrong for him to not be part of that group."

Watch the full interview above and be sure to pick up the Freshman issue on April 8.

[via MTV News]