Ron Mexico: Welcome back to ESDN First Hate. Today’s we’re going to run the full-court press with guests, Lil’ Wayne and the 7 Mile Scribe herself, Jemele Hill. How are you this morning, people?

Lil’ Wayne: Thanks for having me, Miss Katie.

Jemele Hill: Good morning, Ronnie.

LW: I’d just like to say *pushes up glasses* that I’m glad to be nowhere near the, ummm, field of contestants for this side of the tournament.

RM: You seem pretty safe for now, Wayne. Your boy on the the other hand—

LW: Yeah. I know. I know. *smiling and shaking head*

JH: That’s the one who ate the money on Worldstar, right?

LW: Yeah.

RM: And Weezy tattooed Tyga’s face a little while back too, but let’s put a pin in that. I want to discuss Kid Cudi’s all-caps retirement announcement blog from yesterday. Wayne, what are your thoughts?

LW: I can’t understand that there. I mean, it’s always gone be fools talkin this and that behind your back—you know, the blogs and the magazines and whatever. If you ain’t ready to let that roll off your back and get this money that’s out there, maybe you need to be working in a, ummm, a clothing store or something.

JH: I’m going to have to agree with Wayne there. I don’t know why you’d work toward a recording contract, sign one, hit the road, make an album and then tell the world you don’t want any of part of it.

RM: Do either of you think this is all a publicity stunt?

LW: I’m diggin that “Day N Nite.” I haven’t heard really anything else from the album, so maybe. I remember Jay-Z said he was only gonna make one album and ride off into the sunset and he couldn’t even retire proper-like, so I dunno, Miss Katie.

RM: Nigga, if you don’t stop callin me “Miss Katie.”

JH: I wasn’t gonna say nothing. I thought he was callin me Katie. As far as Cudi goes, it sounds like he’s got some other things going on that might be of more importance. I know TV money can be better than music money. Especially these days.

RM: Alright. Alright. I’ve got a surprise for you two.

LW: I don’t like surprises. One time Baby got me a pony for my birthday. He ain’t know I’m scared of horses, so… That wasn’t so nice like I was hoping. *awkward smile*

JH: I ain’t never scared.

RM: That’s why I love you. You shouldn’t be. As you’ll notice, there’s an empty seat here. It’s reserved for a man you’ve both shared Negromantic moments with at the Worldwide Leader. Please welcome Skip Bayless.

LW: *Lollipop laughter*

JH: Oh, god.

Skip Bayless:
Please. Call me Skip.

[To be continued]

Updated Suggested Contestants

Jim Jones - *
Gucci Mane
Soulja Boy Tellem - *
Chris Brown
Yung Berg - *
Lil Kim
Parlae of Dem Franchize Boyz
Floyd Mayweather
K-Ci & Jojo
Young Buck
Rick Ross - *
Daddy Yankee
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WSHH Comments
OJ Da Juiceman
Homeboy From BooBooTV
Suge Knight
Fat Joe
Dr. Dre
DJ Vlad
VLAD TV Content
Juelz Santana
DG Yola
Lil Flip
Foxy Brown
Max B
Crooked I
Joe Budden
Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston
Charles Barkley
Kid Cudi
Terrence Howard
Joaquin Phoenix
[Every] Major Labels [Sucks Dick]
Frankie F. Baby (Keyshia Cole's mom)
Plaxico Burress
Jermaine Dupri

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