Although rappers try to be as prepped as possible, they are human, which always leaves room for error. Taking a tumble on stage has happened time and time again in hip-hop over the years. However, each time it's almost as if it's an anomaly. Many rappers have garnered the unwanted spotlight at one point in time for tumbling while performing.

Tory Lanez is the most recent rapper to make headlines for falling during a set. Lanez took a tumble at a recent show in Toronto while addressing a rumored beef with Drake. “One thing, no matter what, it’s always calculated,” he says before attempting to jump from a balcony. It was a reply to whispers that Drake is said to have been taking shots at Tory in his new song “Summer Sixteen.”  Drizzy spits, "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little/All your exes know I like my O’s with a V in the middle/You would love it if I went away or didn’t say nothing else/How am I keeping it real by keeping this sh-t to myself?/You was never gang, gang, gang, gang, you was never one of us/Had us fooled for a minute there, now we done all grown up/But I’m better off anyway, y’all never gon’ finish Drake.”

Drake himself has also taken a tumble at a show in the past, as well as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West, Foxy Brown and more.

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