It is often the artists from the most disenfranchised, impoverished nations that can speak to the true nature of Hip-Hop. To combine all music, art, culture and people into one is the essence of Hip-Hop. With the use of the drum and the voice.

A few weeks ago when J.Period was working on the Bring Your Own Blogger BBQ mixtapes he told me of this project to combine the sound of K'Naan with some of the world's most respected musical messengers. K'Naan hails from Mogadishu, Somalia. A region that has been embroiled in violent conflict for the past two decades. So many rappers fantasize about their communities as warzones but few have survived in one and even less speak of the peace, justice and love that our world needs right now.

With this idea in mind J.Period and K'Naan began crafting this project. A mashup mixtape with music honoring the great FELA KUTI, BOB DYLAN and BOB MARLEY. The project sounded too monumental from the outset. I'm glad J.Period was able to pull it off.

The full 3-part project is set to be released on September 1st over at J.Period's website. Here's a preview of what J.Period is calling 'The Messengers' featuring K'Naan in tribute to FELA KUTI, BOB DYLAN and BOB MARLEY.

'Let's Start' (Fela Kuti Tribute)

'Relationship's Lay' (Bob Dylan tribute)

'Belly Full' featuring Kardinal Offishall, Steele and Bajah + Dry Eye Crew (Bob Marley tribute)