070 Shake is an emerging artist out of New Jersey who's managed by YesJulz. Now she's released the stunning video for her "Trust Nobody" single. The Kompetition (Razsy Beats, JSebastian, and Ether)-produced track came out early this year. Rather than going to bed, 070 and her crew stick up a corner store after having a few drinks. The music video is directed by Benny Nicks.

"Gave you all the secrets now you creepin' in the window/3 AM, I'm boozin' on my body while the wind blow/Singing to the people, I sit back and watch my sins blow/Do you get down like that?/Do you really get down like that?" she croons on the hook.

This isn't just a regular music video but more like a short film. The ending will have you flipping out. Watch it above and check out her recent collab with Lil Yachty called "Rewind" if you missed it.

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