Shyne Likens His Game Diss Song To Nas’ “Ether” & Tupac’s “Hit ‘Em Up” [Video]

The war of words between Shyne and Game continues. This time the shots were fired via Shyne who in a recent interview with VladTV went even further to try to discredit the Compton rapper calling him disloyal and saying he Ether’d Chuck with his diss, “Bury Judas.” “It’s like I’m what guys admired and aspired to be,” he said. “Regardless of what, you can’t change that. But it’s also reflective of the disloyalty and the lack of, you know, integrity in today’s world.”

Mr. Levi went on to say his Game diss record, “Bury Judas” is up to par with some of the most seething rap diss tracks ever. “Bury Judas” is really me documenting, if you will, the influence that I’ve had on this character,” Shyne added. “I think “Bury Judas” is on the level of “Ether,” is on the level of [Jay-Z’s] “Takeover”, is on the level of 2 Pac, “Hit ‘Em Up.” I think it was just a very honest powerful record.”

Check out the entire interview, below.

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  • dmxej

    Even if Game’s album was the worst album this whole year(which it’s not but let’s just say it was for one minute), his most vocal haters (Shyne, Tony Yayo) have not released any relevant material, let alone any albums this decade. In order for Shyne’s diss track to be on the level of ether, takeover or hit em up, he would have to be involved in a relevant beef first, which means he would have to be a relevant artist.

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      game wet platnuim everytime the red album was ok but i never heard a wack game album

      • Ψ K♀ Ṫ ṪἿ ︻╦╤─-K ἃD♀ Ṫ ṪἿ ™ ©


      • DVargs

        red never went platinum

    • Eliyahu_ben_Yehoshua7

      ouch! but said well!

  • teflon arson

    dmxej….damn that comment was meaaannnn…..hit it on the nose…i would hate for u to be on the other line …of someone callin he suicide hot line…lol

    • dmxej

      lmao gotta keep it real bro…in no way is this dude musically relevant.

  • SuCKaFRee415

    Keep Pac name out your mouth, Shyne you aint a factor, never was never will be, Puff hung you out to dry, look in the dictionary and they’ll find you under Fell-Off

  • jay

    who the fuck is shyne????

  • TooHigh187

    this nigguhs a joke