Rapper AP.9 Speaks on Photos With Coco, Says He’s Not Afraid of Ice-T [Video]

Rumors have been all over the Internet that rapper AP.9 engaged in sexual relations with Ice-T’s wife Coco. Now in a new video brought to us by TMZ, AP.9 hints that he did do something with Coco.

T has already called out his wife on Twitter for the photos with AP.9 in Las Vegas. Coco even responded to the tweets, saying that the pics were harmless and she is “happily married.”

But when TMZ caught up with AP.9, he brought life back into the story by addressing the rumors once again. “That’s a rumor? Is that a rumor?”

To add more speculation, AP.9 says that he isn’t afraid of Ice-T at all. “I’m from the hood … I’m not worried about nothin’.”

Watch the full video here.

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