Nas Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit Over African Kidnapping

An American concert promoter is suing Nas for $10 million claiming that he was kidnapped and held captive for 50 days as a result of the Queens rapper failing to perform at a scheduled New Year’s Eve concert.

The news broke back in March when Patrick Allocca claimed he was abducted and held for ransom by angry Angolan promoters who wanted their money back after Esco failed to show for a gig he was allegedly already paid for. Nas claimed the show suffered from planning issues from the beginning and Alloccoa “threw [him] under the bus” after finding himself in a life threatening situation.

According to TMZ, Allocca filed a lawsuit against Nas in Federal court on Friday claiming that he suffered psychologically, physically, and financially over the nearly two months he was held captive. $10 million is the asking price.

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  • karlon burkett

    Dang! Nas….Dang!! smh

  • Justin Ross

    Nas didn’t kidnap dude. wtf. How is Nas responsible for what some thugs in Angola did? Furthermore, its easy to see why he pulled out.

    • wtf?!

      you serious dude? nas was ALREADY PAID by the angolans to perform and then DID NOT SHOW UP… nas was still in america with the money he got in advance.. the promoter who represented nas was already in africa so the angolans kidnapped him and held him for ransom to get the money back from nas…

      furthermore, in addition to the money they lost by paying nas in advance, they also lost all the money they put up to book the venue and advertise the show—- how much you think it cost to set up a new years eve show?!? PLUS the $200k they paid nas–..they lost a GRIP because nas didnt show up–so they held nas’ promoter in angola captive for ransom….get it?!