Joe Budden Says New Slaughterhouse Project Will “Be Like a Whole New Group” [Video]

In this interview with FuseTV, Joe Budden says that the next time fans hear a Slaughterhouse project, the guys will be in a different place than they were while recording welcome to: OUR HOUSE. “I’m real anxious to work on the next Slaughterhouse project,” he said. “We all—and, not to break anybody’s anonymity, but I will—we all battled a lot of demons recording that last album. And I think we managed to beat them all. Like, I was high recording that entire album. And I was probably high doing all the interviews, as well. I’m not longer that. Royce doesn’t drink Patron anymore. Crook doesn’t drink. Joell doesn’t drink. So, this next Slaughterhouse project, it’s almost going to be like a whole new group. I can’t wait.”

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  • Leroy Love

    I don’t think these dudes realize that they will never sell with the name ” Slaughterhouse”. It sounds like a heavy metal band from the 80′s. They won’t be the first rap act not to go big because of a f…ked up name. Think Helter Skelter, Alkhohlics, B..tches With Problems, Fu-Schnikens, the Five Footers, Bonnie and Clyde, D-12, etc………..dudes need to get deeper when they come up with these names. We got 2Chains, next up will be 2Shoes rhymin with 2Socks……

  • Ronald Jack

    I hope Joe is right because that last album was garbage. They should have had this focus with their last album. Why would they jeopardize their first major opportunity in the first place by not being focused?

  • Cory Riggs

    I just want to hear the music. Dudes were drinking patron from the bottle onstage when I saw them, and they still rocked the house. As a fan of each of them an the group, I’m excited to hear more. Congratulations to each of them.