Happy Birthday Canibus

Jamaica bred rapper Canibus turns 38 years old today. Canibus and his mother moved to the Bronx when he was thirteen years old where he developed a love for beatboxing and breakdancing.

In 1995, Canibus and rapper Web  started making moves in Atlanta as the duo T.H.E.M. (The Heralds of Extreme Metaphor).

Canibus decided to go solo and released his debut album Can-I-Bus in September 1998. The lead single “Second Round K.O”, which was produced by Wyclef Jean, featured spoken word by Mike Tyson and became Canibus’s only top 40 single.

In June 2012, Canibus received criticism for pulling out a notepad  as a last resort in a broadcast rap battle verse Dizaster. He released a statement apologizing for the ordeal, and said “I tried my best and stood there like the solider I am but there was nothing I can do.” –Anastasia Williams

  • coolassdude

    this was supposed to be B.I.G.’s heir. damn.

    • Maxfield Stanton

      Never that.. Canibus is a lame ass loser with no dignity!!

  • Strong I

    No he wasn’t, they didn’t even have a similar style of emceeing and he was never a pop or crossover success like Big. If anything he should’ve been a successor Rakim but dude just never had that classic “Microphone Fiend” or “Know The Ledge” type joint. He’s respected for what he is though, an ill Emcee, a HipHop purist, and a man who sacrificed his career to preserve his artistic integrity. Thanks and happy Bday Bis.

    • Ian Piepenbrock

      “A man who sacrificed his career to preserve his artistic integrity” Beautifully put, that really captures his career. Respect. Happy birthday Bis!

    • Maxfield Stanton

      Canibus is a loser

  • Lucas

    All love to peoples champ, Canibus!! Happy Bday. Always my #1. Way beyond half of peoples reading comprehension…

    • Maxfield Stanton

      Canibus is garbage…