Future just gave his fans some new music with the Pluto 3D re-release. Now, the rising Atlanta rapper is setting his sights on his sophomore album, Future Hendrix.

During an interview with Rap-Up, Future named off some A-list collaborations he’s been working with such as Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Drake, and Lil Wayne. However, he did point out that these might not end up on the album since it is only 40 percent done.

He also talked about being in the studio Kanye West. “I love the way Kanye work ’cause he allow you to be you and try new things. I believe that’s how music should be done.”

While Future Hendrix doesn’t have a confirmed release date, fans will be excited for his record with Drake and Lil Wayne on I Am Not A Human Being II. It is called “Good Kush and Alcohol” and he describes the track as “a movie.”—Eric Diep

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