40 Glocc Releases Game Diss Record “The Full Edit”

40 Glocc has been vocal about his beef with Game. Footage of their altercation from this past July went viral and things haven’t cooled down since. While Glocc says that he was outnumbered and threatened by guns, Game has been quick to debunk the claims in interviews and Twitter.

Glocc is currently suing Game for the altercation. To show that he’s still not ready to throw in the towel, the California-bred rapper released a diss record called “The Full Edit.” No longer keeping quiet, Glocc addresses the fight, takes shots at Game and the Black Wall Street crew, and defends his street credibility. Listen below.

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  • muthfuka

    chase that nigga down put him on worldstar….. 40 glocc just quit it ya lame

  • hootiehoo

    first he sues game for squaring up NOW he releases a diss track. 40 glocc is a fuckin jokkkkkkkke #bitchnigga

  • http://twitter.com/SuckDisDick Twinnzel Washington

    you wack 40 glocc not on no hating shit you just wack, you lucky XXL even post you. You really gonna go at Game for filiming you on camera and editing it when you the 1st rapper that started doin all that shit. You the reason these rappers be doin this clown ass shit on worldstar for some fame. now the shit came back on your ass you feelin salty. your music wack.

  • BLAHRipItBackRipItBack

    lol 40 slopp sues game for getting beat the fuck up on camera and running like a bitch then attempts a whack ass diss. keep FAILING widdit.

  • Mr_Blow_it_by_Da_Zip

    Fuck 40 Cock! Bitchass nigga cant even spit worth shit haha nigga just mad that the whole world saw him get his ass beat! Go back to da lab n write some other shit that actually makes sense haha Game shud put a end to this low life bastards career like he did 50 hahaha my drunkass homies go harder than you on this track… SAD..

  • bosslife

    this dude made a diss record on a reggae beat