As T.I. prepares to release his new solo album, Trouble Man, December 18, the excitement around the Atlanta rapper's first album in two years continued to mount.

There has been much chatter over the last couple weeks about "Sorry," the collaboration between Tip and Andre 3000—with each wordsmith speaking about the record on separate occasions. According to HipHopNMore, the song will be release on November 27, exclusively on iTunes. Two weeks later, on December 4, the Cee Lo-assisted single "Hello," will be made available.

"T.I. and I have been trying to do a song for a long, long time," Three Stacks tol Fuse recently. "It was always for me, it's about the actual song or the project. I'm never going to do something just to do it. I went to the studio and checked out some music and as soon as that song came on and his lyrics came on, it kind of hit home for me. It was a song I wanted to be part of."

T.I. also recently commented on the collab, saying that it was "six years in the making."

Hopefully it's worth the wait.