Which New Single Is Better: 50 Cent’s “My Life” or French Montana’s “Marble Floors”?

Earlier today, new singles from both 50 Cent and French Montana hit the ‘net. Fif’s latest release, “My Life,” features Eminem and Adam Levine, and again has a top 40 feel, like his recent Alicia Keys-assisted single “New Day.” French, too, followed a recent formula, as he got Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz to hop on “Marble Floors”—both Weezy and Rozay were on his last single, “Pop That.”

The two records coming out on the same day would be reason enough to compare them, but the fact that 50 and French have been firing insults at one another of late only increases the impetus for comparison. So, which single is better? Will they be enough to get Street King Immortal or Excuse My French on shelves? Do both need to step it up? Listen below and let us know.

50 Cent featuring Eminem and Adam Levine “My Life”

French Montana featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz “Marble Floors”

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  • ggg unit

    50 cent’s single is better by far!!!

  • HipHopfan101

    You can’t even compare!!!!!! Come on this is ridicules comparison, My life is SOOO much better.. french montana is the definition of a WACK rapper

  • bugzy266

    Like seriously whats d comparison, French Montana has neva done a song alone..always relies on features to mask his wack arse ..Hes album gon be Dj khaled remixed album or something..WACK..
    Diddy gon kick him out afta he flops..Same with MGK (has flopped already though..lolz),

  • autotrigger

    Frenchie cant be on a song alone, he rides with fat cops and wanna be R&B dudes (puff) 50′s track stomps him out

  • Zii

    HAHAHA F# XXL MAG !!!! 50 cent all day !!!

  • ftj

    when french montana does a song by himself then we can start to judge him. he can’t even carry alone.

  • ARD

    Fuck french 50 will smash tht dudes head in

  • http://twitter.com/BringBackTheBuz Bring Back The Buzz

    50! Its not even close

  • adarap

    is this a joke.50 of course

  • jj

    def 50′s my life is way better to be honest..

  • Mobster

    Haha you cant compare 50 cent the king to this lame dude. French sounds retarded in music and interviews. He is the rap answer of dj khaled- a guy who needs 3-4 other mainstream artist on a single to make it get radio play. Thought it doesnt help that a cop is saying his bullshit, lil wayne is pop music. French Montana is wack.


    FRENCH MONTANA’s “Marble Floors”, by far.

    I heard say Montana has many features on this song. Well, 50 has Eminen and Pop singer Adam Levine handling the hook. Oh I forgot, didn’t 50 criticize Ja Rule for following this formula???

  • http://www.facebook.com/urbanemotion Janet Rose Manning

    Come on. Not rocket science!! 50 of course!! Adam and Eminem, sound TUFF TUFF!!! All about the Fresh Flow!! French, there sound is the same, SAME-O Same-O #DRYlikeFrenchFrieswithouttheKetchup ..just sayin

  • Tony Viera

    50 All day All Night!!! just listen to the verses and flow 50 & Em kill everybody in French Hanna Montashit wack song!!!

  • ronald

    50 the man! aint no doubt!! french go get some mo cheese or jus play grmmy o smthng

  • Infinite

    Yo, first of all i dont give damn what 50 says anymore. His lyrics are no longer memorable. What is last 50 verse any of you remember or even repeat??? Second, you can barely understand what the hell Em is saying on his verse until you hit rewind or google the lyrics to this track!!! (what did Em say anyway, sounded good) Come on man!! 50 is trash now!!! French is wack!! He always act like he spittin some hard sh*t !!! Rick Ross recycles all his bars in damn near every album or feature!!! Weezy is Weezy its gona be a good verse or just ok.

  • Infinite

    [Verse 2: Eminem]
    While you were sipping your own kool-aid getting your buzz heavy
    I was in the fucking sheds sharpening my machete
    Sipping some of of that revenge juice, getting my taste buds ready
    To whoop down this spaghetti, or should I say this spaghett-even?
    I think you fucking meatballs keep on just forgetting
    Thought he was finished, motherfucker, it’s only the beginning
    He’s buggin’ again, he’s straight thuggin’, fuck who he’s offending
    He’ll rip your vocal chords out and have them bitches plugged in me
    Motherfucking wall with 3000 volts of electricity
    Now take the other and dump them then pluck him, motherfuckers in each
    One of your eyesockets cause I thought you might finally fucking see
    That’ll teach you to go voicing your cocksuckin’ opinion to me
    I done put my blood, my sweat and my tears in this shit
    Fuck letting up, you’re gonna end up regretting you ever betted against me
    Feels like I’mma snap any minute, yeah, it’s happening again
    I’m thinking about the same
    Mother fuck everybody that’s up in this bitch, but 50!
    Cause this is all I know, this is why so hard I go
    I swear to God I put my heart and soul into this more than anybody knows
    I’m trapped, so all I do is rap, but everytime I rap I’m more trapped
    And I rap myself right into this bubble, oh oh, I guess it’s bubble wrap
    This is like a vicious cycle, my life’s in a crisis
    Christ, how was I supposed to know shit would turn up like it did?
    Feels like I’m going psycho again
    And I might just blow my lid
    Shit, I almost wish that I would have never made Recovery, kid
    Cause I’m running in circles with

  • Infinite8

    [Verse 1: 50 Cent]
    Yeah, 03, I went from back filthy to filthy rich
    Man, the emotions change so I can never trust a bitch
    I tried to help niggas get on, they turned around and spit
    Right in my face, so Game and Buck, both can suck a dick
    Now when you hear ‘em it may sound like it’s some other shit
    Cause I’m not writing anymore, they not making hits
    I’m far from perfect, there’s so many lessons I done learned
    If money is evil look at all the evil I done earned
    I’m doing what I’m supposed to, I’m a writer, I’m a fighter
    Entrepeneur, fresh out the sewer, watch me manuever
    What’s it to ya? The track I lace it, it’s better than basic
    This is my recovery, my comeback, kid

    [Verse 3: 50 Cent]
    I haven’t been this fucking confused since I was a kid
    Sold like 40 million records, people forgot what I did
    Maybe this is for me, maybe
    Maybe I’m supposed to go crazy
    Maybe I’ll do it 3 AM in the morning like Shady
    Psycho killer, Michael Myers, I’m on fire like a lighter
    Tryna say the same classic, get your ass kicked
    Man crook, wrap your head up in plastic
    Pussy, now pick the casket, dirt nap with the maggots
    It’s tragic, it’s sad it’s
    Never gonna end, now we number one again
    With that frown on your face, and your heart full of hate
    Accept it, respect it
    This a gift God gave me like the air in the lungs
    And every fucking thing with it

  • http://twitter.com/MustafaAydinSK Mustafa Aydin

    I respect the whole work of the entire XXL.. Really.. Much respect from Germany
    But I don’t understand how you compare 50 with French Montana

    MY LIFE is much better than French’s single..

  • rozay

    fifty is the only guy, who can say game and buck can suck my di*k on a track with adam levine:)

  • pmillz

    you dnt need to be told, 50cent MY LIFE is the best

  • Skyislimit

    Lol, i can’t even continue listen to the wack single of French. 50′s single is far better than Montana’s garbage. Rick Ross sounds the same etc mxm,why did even bother to compare this crown with 50???? SMH.

  • http://twitter.com/ReaperCorpse The Great One

    50′s song was pretty trash, only Em was the saving grace. French’s song was good without him having to be on it. Says alot about them both

  • http://twitter.com/B1994 Tremain

    By the look of these comments….I think I ma go with my man 50 lol