Saigon’s recent admission that he would like to make Rick Ross and 2 Chainz eat a knuckle sandwich because he deems their content detrimental to youth during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club caught a lot of people off guard. Now the rapper is taking back what he said, saying he had ulterior motives for his statements. Sai recently took to Facebook to explain the method behind his brow-raising comments.

“I say them things on purpose,” he wrote. “If U notice I say people names at the end of the interview.In my mind Im thinking I just dropped a deep interview but I have to say some super ignorant shit to bring people to even watch it so I said a name or 2... I just been doing this for a while and I understand how the Hip Hop media works..I hope those 2 guys understand it was simply a strategy and not personal at all.. Though I DONT agree with their content. I do not want to cause them any harm or see them harmed.”

However, some damage seems to already be done. MMG rapper Gunplay has already lashed out at the NY spitter. “I dare you to do that shit.” he warned in an interview with “To each his own, if that's how he feel… try to punch him in the face.”

Saigon later took to Twitter for his final say on the matter, tweeting, “That real street Beef shit is right up my alley but would defeat the whole purpose of what Im trying to accomplish. I dont wanna hurt no one.”