Rick Ross Is Done Smoking Blunts

Rick Ross was recently named GQ‘s “Bawse of the Year,” and in his brief chat with the magazine, he offered up some advice.

“One, for Christmas go get yourself an MMG tattoo,” he said. “Two, let’s all stop smoking blunts; let’s smoke out of papers.” His recent health scares may have caused the change of heart. Plus, everyone knows papers are better for you than blunts.

Before signing off, he had some words for the females: “Ladies, you all should just love me. Let’s all have a beautiful year, let’s get this money.”

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  • Wiz Nig

    LOL wiz nig is gonna love this

  • mufc1

    How about stopping with burgers and other greesy food you fat fuck

    • yup


  • B.Raider

    Boss! I Should Switch Up Too, Wiz Started A Movement With That Even Named His Debut Album That. But Aint Nothin Like Dem Swisher Sweets Damn…

    • 9thward 504

      fuck swisher sweet its goodies all day yall niggas dont know bout that N.O. thing

    • purpleflowers

      actually currensy started da whole paperplane movement. just saying

  • Will

    Wiz got that smokin paper shit from Currensy, along with everything else he does

  • AftaDAKoopa

    ima smoke blunts till i die…..fuck papers

  • TeamRedEyeLife

    its cool he tryna help niggas through his own experience tho. whether you smoke blunts or papers who gives a fuck, smoke what you like just dont complain later. #RedEyeLife | RedEye Life Clothing Co Online Store Coming Soon! Follow the owner at @RedEyeLifeCC for exclusive info and promo codes!