It’s election week, people! The outcome of tomorrow’s election will determine much of where this country is headed over the next four years, so make sure to get out and cast your vote. Hip-hop has always been a medium for artists to voice political opinions and regardless of who wins tomorrow’s election, you can bet that rappers will still have something to say about the state of the nation (Admittedly, Obama’s definitely gotten more love from the rapper community than most). We took a look at all the times a commander-in-chief has gotten their name dropped, so before you get out and vote tomorrow, check out XXL’s 20 US Presidents Mentioned in Rap Lyrics. — XXL Staff

The Coup “Piss On Your Grave” Steal This Album (1998)

George Washington

“George Washington, down in hell, can you see me?/ Standing on your grave and I’m finna take a pee-pee”

Nas “Black President” Untitled (2008)

Thomas Jefferson

“What’s the black pres’ thinking on election night? / Is it ‘How can I protect my life? Protect my wife? Protect my rights? / Every other president was nothing less than white / Except Thomas Jefferson had mixed Indian Blood.”

Ghostface Killah ft. RZA “Nutmeg” Supreme Clientele (2000)

Calvin Coolidge

“Ayo, spiced out Calvin Coolidge, lounging with 7 duelers / The Great Adventures of Slick, licking with 6 Rugers.”

Game “Remedy” Doctor’s Advocate (2006)

Andrew Jackson

“Why Andrew Jackson look high as fuck on the 20?/ G answer: Cocaine been around for centuries”

Vinnie Paz “You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train” Serengeti (2012)

James Polk

“The next move was to dominate the Mexicans/ James Polk dominated them like they was next of kin/ He sent Colonel Cross to lie to them and let them in/ 11 days later, his skull was crushed, so message sent.”

Asher Roth ft. Pac Div “Useless” Pabst & Jazz (2011)

Ulysses S. Grant

“Ulysses S. Grant, we should start a revolution, or a Civil War, whatever you’re into, kids”

Eminem “Almost Famous” Recovery (2010)

Abe Lincoln

“He ain’t givin’ them shit, he says he’ll pinch a penny so hard/ He’ll leave a bruise on the bronze so dark you can see the mark with scars/ Till Abraham Lincoln is screaming out ‘AHH!’”

CyHi Da Prince “Dead Presidents” The Prynce of Jacks (2010)

William Mckinley

“I drown my feelings in the Remy cus haters wanna kill me/ Like William McKinley, before I get a chance to turn the wheels on the Bentley”

Childish Gambino “Turd In The Oven” (2012)

Teddy Roosevelt

“C.G. but I’m real light talk/ I know these motherfuckers wish I’d turn my mic off/ Fuckin’ Teddy Roosevelt/ Big stick, walk soft/ On top of this hill of pussy’s where I get my rocks off.”

Joell Ortiz “Onslaught” (2009)

Herbert Hoover

“So we formed a four alien alliance, just dyin’ to earth intruders/ Everybody’s a president, bunch of Herbert Hoovers”

Beastie Boys “Shadrach” Paul's Boutique (1989)

Harry Truman

“Got the girlies in the coupe like the colonel’s got the chickens/ and I’m always going out dapper like Harry S. Truman”

DJ Clue ft. Jay-Z “Jay-Z Freestyle” The Professional 2 (2001)

Dwight Eisenhower

“You’re dealin’ with a higher power to them like Dwight Eisenhower”

Action Bronson “Steve Wynn” Blue Chips (2012)


“Facially I’m like a young John Kennedy/ More obscenity, EBT in Genovese.”

Lil Wayne “Georgia…Bush” Dedication 2 (2006)

Lyndon Johnson

“Same shit happened back in Huricane Betsy/ 1965, I ain’t too young to know this/ That was President Johnson but now it’s (Georgia) Bush….”

Saigon “Drugs” (2011)


“President Nixon declared a war on drugs/ In retrospect it was more like a war on us”

Lupe Fiasco “Just Might Be Ok” Food & Liqour (2006)

Jimmy Carter

“My vida loca was built like Bob Vila via God/ He architected, I arted what I harbored, Jimmy Carter”

Kanye West ft. Game “Crack Music” Late Registration (2005)

Ronald Reagan

“How we stop the Black Panthers? Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer”

2Pac “It Ain’t Easy” Me Against The World (1995)

Bill Clinton

“Bill Clinton, can you recognize a nigga representin’?/ Doin’ 20 to life in San Quentin?”

George W Bush

“Got my nigas in prison, all stuck in the system/ Recognize who’s a hustler, George Dubya/ He’s the one that’s sittin’ back, fuckin’ ya”

President Barack Obama

Barack Obama