Meek Mill had a rough night on Halloween. Not because of trick or treaters, but due to the Philadelphia police squadron that halted him from flying out to Atlanta for his album release party.

A frustrated Meek tweeted, “Cops cost me a lot of money tonight …..taking pics of me like I’ma fuckin joke….no charges just holding.” In the photo, which he uploaded on Instagram, Meek looks distressed, adding, "No charges just holding me for shit! my lawyer need answers."

Regarding the hold up, Meek answered his fans stating, “Ni**a I ain’t get knocked they was just tryna hold me back!”

It appears the Philly rapper's fame didn't sit too well with the local authorities. In response to several queries on his arrest, Meek confirmed that he wasn't held up in New York City. "I ain’t get locked up…definitely not in NYC with no gun! Cops just harassed and violated me last night in Philly just for being famous," the rapper explained.

The irony stirs from his last tweet regarding the incident. "The crazy part about is I really had a handcuff and Rolex on my wrist yesterday,” attributing to his album cover for Dreams and Nightmares, which features a gold handcuff attached to a Rolex watch.

Despite his earlier updates about his flight to Atlanta for the function, Meek Mill's album release party has been postponed for another occasion.