Master P, Fat Trel and Alley Boy Announce Louis V Mob

Over the past few weeks a steady stream of footage that shows Washington, DC, rapper Fat Trel working with Master P, of No Limit fame, has surfaced online. The video, which is mostly compromised of studio sessions that recently took place in Los Angeles, CA, has led to speculation about some sort of formal working relationship existing between the two. For their part, neither Trel or P has commented until now.

In a video exclusively provided to, Master P, Fat Trel and and Atlanta, GA, based rapper Alley Boy take to the screen to officially announce the forming of a group between the three of them. According to the video, which is entitled “Master P Introduces Louis V Mob,” Trel and Alley Boy will be partnering together to release music, under the directorship of the elder statesman P.

“Everybody who knows me knows I don’t like to talk,” Trel says in the video. “Louis V Mob, it’s a new world order.”

While details surrounding when the new group plans to release music are murky, on the video P says not to expect anything until 2013.

“I’m telling y’all, I’m the Phil Jackson of this shit,” Master P says in the video. “And we about to win us a championship, because we in the gym 24/7. And what the gym is, what I mean is we in the studio. “We gonna start at the fucking bottom and take this shit up.”

The first music featuring the new group is set to appear on Master P’s Boss of All Bosses. —Tzvi Twersky (@ttwersky)

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  • dropgemz

    T R U !!! UggGhH!!

  • Game4real

    Let’s just wait and see. really not a fan of the trio but really want to see the Statesman P big come back into the Game. Keep it 100 in gym as you said lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trevor Reed

    This faggot master p is trying to be CAMRON with Boss of All Bosses… And he said he the phil jackson.. ?? I can quote cam on a skit in one of the BOAB mixtapes. This nigga need a life. I hope trel and alley boy make up for lack of originality

  • 5042DAGAME

    Master P a legend he been the BOSS since the last don

  • Chris Proctor

    P all my life i wanted to be wit no Limit.. Ima yung nigga wit alot of flow.. Im from the dmv like my nigga fat trel.. He know my face.. What i gotta do? I got some songs u need to hear for your self.. Get at me P.. Its time to get back at it mane..

  • Chris Proctor

    ANd u know my big brah D.C. B.j. from back in the day.. I hope he wasnt lying to a nigga.. Holla at me P. Im not just no fan.. Im your biggest one.. And im a str8 soilder out here.. ALwayz been one.. Much love! Get wit me..

    • ManChillWithThat

      you think he on this shit looking for rappers with ZERO grow up…call me a hater or a dream killer idc but I’m tellin ya gtfo of this “rap game” You need to focus on a career ‘str8 soldier)