Lil Wayne’s Deposition Antics Have Caught Up With Him

Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay Quincy Jones III $2.2 million after a judge not only threw out Weezy’s lawsuit against QD3, but also ruled in favor of the film producer’s countersuit. According to TMZ, Wayne failed to appear in court after experiencing seizure-like symptoms two weeks ago. His lawyer then played the jury the now infamous video of Wayne’s disposition (Watch below). You can probably guess how that went over with the judge and jury.

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  • hootiehoo


  • Julien Etienne

    All of a sudden I like lil wayne. That was dope

  • ctwins3644

    Ya’ll are pathetic for endorsing and encouraging his behavior. Welcome to the real world Wayne, this is what happens when you fail to act responsibly. Unfortunately $2M won’t dent his wallet, and probably won’t help him become a good rapper again.

  • Oskino

    If this muthaf*cka ever goes broke (cause that shit happens all the time to these dumb a$$ uneducated rich cats) he gone regret these retarded a$$ actions & he’s gonna miss that 2mil

    • Livelifetothefullest

      I mean I dislike his ass but he is more educated than people give him credit for he went to college like we all have and did well but its true if do go broke then it will be hell hahah

      • Charles Pitts

        he really showed intelligence threatening a lawyer on tape and not answering questions honestly

  • sean

    That was funny as fuhhhhhhh