Kid Cudi wants no more drama with his daughter's mother.

After months of battling, TMZ is reporting that the G.O.O.D. Music artist has agreed to let his baby mama take full custody of their daughter.  The custody battle between the two parents had been brewing for well over a year according to reports, and now it seems as though the two parties have reached an agreement.

According to TMZ, Cudi is saying that he bought a home in Chicago just to be close to the two and that he's provided his daughter with ample support. However, his baby mom is supposedly saying otherwise and insists that the "Day 'N' Night" rapper he's only provided "sporadic and inconsistent amounts" of support and is an absentee dad. Recent court documents also reveal that she's previously claimed that he has 'violent tendancies' and "long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse."

Cudi is said to have visitation rights and will continue to pay child support.

Cudi, who says that he got a place in Chicago to be near his daughter and her mother