Joe Budden is ready for his close up. Currently on his 10-city, Second First Impression Tour, Budden recently sat down with HipHopSince1987’s Queen Diva to discuss his up-coming album, and his appearance on the next season of Love and Hip Hop.

Joey’s third solo LP, No Love Lost, is scheduled for a January 22, 2013 release. The Slaughter House spitter advised fans to keep their minds open. “Don’t expect anything. That’s how fans get let down,” said Budden. "Don’t expect shit. Don’t put me in whatever box you think I belong in. It’s a great album, very musical…Expect good music. You can expect that.”

Joe also talked about what made him want to go the reality show route. “I don’t have very much to hide,” he said. “I always said if I ventured out into that world then it would be on my terms, it wouldn’t be over compromised, fabricated bullshit…Joe Budden fans know if its TV, music or whatever I’m just gone give them real shit.”

When it came giving the low down on the upcoming season of VH1’s popular reality series, Joe was mum. "I wish could tell you about it," said Joe. "You know they do a lot with editing so you never know. As a cast member you just have to sit down and watch with the rest of the world, that's the fucked up part."

Look out for Budden to drop his latest mixtape, A Loose Quarter, this Friday.

Check out the entire interview, below.