In a recent interview, producer Harry Fraud gave XXL an update on his upcoming collaborative project Saab Stories with Action Bronson. “We’ll probably put out a free download around New Years that’ll be Saab Stories: Book 1,” said the Brooklyn beatsmith, “We’ll probably do a series over the course of the next couple of years where we put out these free chapters of Saab Stories, where it might be 5 songs, it might be 7 songs on one offering, it might be 10 on another."

Regarding his studio chemistry with Flushing, Queens’ Bronsolini, Fraud states that Action likes to come in, sit down and write as many raps as he can write for that day, and rap until he can't rap any more, in comparison to Riff Raff, who Fraud recalls “coming in with [verses] written,” and can knock out 4 tracks in an hour. The variation in their recording processes makes the pace of fruition vary as well.

Both eccentric rappers do share a common ground, however, which Fraud believes is casual work atmosphere. “We all kind of just bounce our ideas off of each other and see what kind of rises to the top,” the producer says.

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