Game has killed some good relationships in the industry but he has also built some lasting ones. Singer Chris Brown is one of the latter. The two have linked up musically on a number of occasions. Chuck recently sat down for an interview with CBS where he touched on his friendship with the singer.

"Chris Brown, he is, to me, Bobby Brown in hip hop these days. It's almost the same, man. He's just the bad boy of R&B,” he said. “He's also like a little brother to me. Anytime I call him, anything I need done is going to get done ASAP. Anybody else calls, you know your'e going to need $200,000 to get Chris Brown on a record. But we make good music."

And, on the possibility of him working with the Virginia crooner on a full length Best of Both Worlds type album? "Who knows what the future holds,” he added. “But I'm not opposed to doing anything like that. I have a lot of respect and a lot of love for his craft and what he does. That's my little brother”

Check out the entire clip, below.