Cassidy wants to put the pressure on Meek Mill and insists that the MMG rapper is hiding behind his Twitter and avoiding his request to battle him because he’s scared.

The former Ruff Ryders had these choice words for Meek:

“I don’t blame you for being scared man. You know, I wouldn’t blame you man. If the shoe was on the other foot and I challenged you, I wouldn’t want to do it neither."

Last week Meek jumped on Twitter to dismiss Cassidy’s request to battle him for $100,000. Since then a slew of subliminal tweets have gone back and forth between both Philadelphia rappers.

Cassidy told XXL that he believes Meek is using Twitter as a scapegoat to dodge him and won’t admit that he’s intimidated.

“They scared of me. I’m a threat. They already know what I’m capable of. I’ve been biting heads off my whole life. So when I say that I want to battle, it’s intimidating to cats. So they try to figure out an exit or a way out. They try to use other things as leverage to get out of the battle, opposed to just saying they scared to do it.” Cass goes on to say that Meek’s tweets are disrespectful and he should just battle him instead of hiding.

He adds, “Because so many things is getting said on Twitter, I feel disrespected and felt like I wanted to battle. I mean previously, I wouldn’t of made that decision with that dude [Meek Mill] but right about now, where I’m at with it, after the things he said on Twitter, I just feel like it would be good for hip-hop."

Cassidy says he wants to settle it on wax and doesn’t want to go back and forth with Meek on Twitter. He doesn’t want no beef or drama, he just wants to rap and go at it. He states that he is confident in his art and feels very competitive.

As for his next album, Cass says we can expect a new project to drop early next year. Most recently, he released a collaborative track with Styles P called, “Bang Bang." —Chanel Clark