WWE Intro

Jeezy vs. Ross? Gucci vs. Jeezy/T.I/Young Joc? Chris Brown & Rihanna getting back together? Compelling story lines have always fueled Hip-Hop and nowadays it seems there’s more to talk about than ever. With exciting feuds, outlandish characters, and high stakes show downs, rap and professional wrestling have always shared a lot of attributes. Naturally, there’s a handful of rappers who are wrestling aficionados and vice versa, so check out 28 of our favorite pro wrestling references in rap lyrics. —XXL Staff

Lil Wayne "I'm On One"


"Oh, I'm about to go Andre the Giant, you a sell out, but I ain't buying"

Game "Down for my Niggaz"


"I been known for cheap birds since Rowdy Roddy Piper was putting Hulk Hogan's ass in the sleeper"

Pusha T "Alone in Vegas"


"Wrestle with the work, we was like the 4 horsemen / Ric Flair with the flame, I'm motherfuckin' gorgeous."

Styles P "Pay Per View"


"I'mma make you dance around like you Disco Inferno / I'mma do the Ruff Ryder till I rock you world / Then I'm leaving out the building with the Nitro girls."

Royce Da 5'9' "I'm Me" (Freestyle)


"We the kind that supply the rock like Chris Paul / The same kind that aim nines, insane conscience / And then we get rid of the rock like Dwayne Johnson."

Lil Wayne "I Got Some Money On Me"

REy_Lil Wayne

"Fuck you talkin' bout? Bitch, I'm Kenneth Cole / My goons masked up, Rey Mysterio."

Juelz Santana "S.A.N.T.A.N.A."


"My fo-fo peace talking sound oh so sweet talking / Do mo, mo street talking, than Stone Cold Steve Austin"

Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell"


"Vocabulary spills, I'm ill + matic, I freak beats, slam it like Iron Sheik."

Tyga "Yonkers"


"Pop you while your roof off, on top of a rooftop / Oswald, Mankind, all you niggas gettin' socked"

Jay Rock "2 Raw"


"Just me and my posse / Strapped up when you gotta know the ropes like Ted Dibiase"

Method Man "Do What Ya Feel"


"Dreamin' about Toni Braxton / Blowin' her back out like Bob Backlund"

Lupe Fiasco "Shining Down"


"Chess? Yes, Baby I'm Jerry Lawler / Rebel with a cause, outlaw with a lawyer"

J.R. Writer "9 Minute Freestyle"


"F if you lift weights or if you tone, I'mma empty and throw the pick in your face like Razor Ramone"

Meek Mill "Pandemonium"


"Half my niggas down so I'm screaming fuck the law, Monday Night Wrestling, I'm so fuckin' Raw"

Cam'ron "Get Em Daddy"


"I'm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Part actin', Ha, Ha, Who they think they car jackin?"

Lil Wayne "Carter IV Intro"


"I keep some bud like Rudy Huxtable, I body slam the beat, nigga Dusty Rhodes."

Lil Wayne "Grove Street Party"


"You know that I'm loaded but please don't think it's sweeter / Beat one of you bitch niggas up like John Cena"

Lil Wayne "Stunt Hard"

Lil Wayne_Sid

"I'm wild, Drizzy tough, and the kid vicious / The three horsemen, we just need Sid Vicious"

Talib Kweli "In The Mood"


"Go hard like Iverson playin' with hurt ankles / Plus wrestle the topic from a different Kurt Angle."

J.R. Writer "Get Use To This"


"When it come to paper chase, I dealt with major cake / Ever since Jake the Snake, all I rocked was Bathing Apes"

Wale "Payback"


"I'm Chris Tucker, fly like Snuka / A badass slam with a can like Smucker."

Joell Ortiz "Talking About You (Ladies)"


"But when we at them red carpet affairs? aw, man / My baby break necks like the Honky Tonk Man"

Jadakiss "Pay Per View"


"Jadakiss baby, throw plenty of blows / Cause the ryders roll thick like NWO"

Hodgy Beats "Gun Sounds"


"Earl was shippin' them coffins / Cause we sellin that frost, that stone cold, that Steve Austin"

Fred the Godson "Doves Fly"


"I had to stash near the boiler / Night time playing the moon, a Houston Oiler / Brought the raw to ya / Had this diesel fiend tying up both his arms, Ultimate Warrior"

Fabolous "This Is Family"


"It's real talk, shade niggas couldn't get a tan from me / Cause I get in the ring for that Vince Mcmahon money"

Sandman "Ain't Cha"


"On the chest of a biz-oss, it's a must I fliz-oss / My team wrestle for cheese like Eric Bischoff."

Asher Roth "Be By Myself"


"The cycle is Shawn Michaels, heartbreak / And yeah I like you, but not enough to wife you"