XXL Presents…28 Pro Wrestling References in Rap Lyrics

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    Jeezy vs. Ross? Gucci vs. Jeezy/T.I/Young Joc? Chris Brown & Rihanna getting back together? Compelling story lines have always fueled Hip-Hop and nowadays it seems there’s more to talk about than ever. With exciting feuds, outlandish characters, and high stakes show downs, rap and professional wrestling have always shared a lot of attributes. Naturally, there’s a handful of rappers who are wrestling aficionados and vice versa, so check out 28 of our favorite pro wrestling references in rap lyrics. —<i>XXL Staff</i>
  • Andre_LilWayne
    Lil Wayne "I'm On One"
    "Oh, I'm about to go Andre the Giant, you a sell out, but I ain't buying"
  • Game_RodPiper
    Game "Down for my Niggaz"
    "I been known for cheap birds since Rowdy Roddy Piper was putting Hulk Hogan's ass in the sleeper"
  • PUSHA_RicFlair
    Pusha T "Alone in Vegas"
    "Wrestle with the work, we was like the 4 horsemen / Ric Flair with the flame, I'm motherfuckin' gorgeous."
  • StylesP_Nitro
    Styles P "Pay Per View"
    "I'mma make you dance around like you Disco Inferno / I'mma do the Ruff Ryder till I rock you world / Then I'm leaving out the building with the Nitro girls."
  • Royce_Dwayne
    Royce Da 5'9' "I'm Me" (Freestyle)
    "We the kind that supply the rock like Chris Paul / The same kind that aim nines, insane conscience / And then we get rid of the rock like Dwayne Johnson."
  • REy_Lil Wayne
    Lil Wayne "I Got Some Money On Me"
    "Fuck you talkin' bout? Bitch, I'm Kenneth Cole / My goons masked up, Rey Mysterio."
  • Juelz_Austin
    Juelz Santana "S.A.N.T.A.N.A."
    "My fo-fo peace talking sound oh so sweet talking / Do mo, mo street talking, than Stone Cold Steve Austin"
  • Nas_Iron
    Nas "It Ain't Hard To Tell"
    "Vocabulary spills, I'm ill + matic, I freak beats, slam it like Iron Sheik."
  • Tyga_Mankind
    Tyga "Yonkers"
    "Pop you while your roof off, on top of a rooftop / Oswald, Mankind, all you niggas gettin' socked"
  • JayRock_Ted
    Jay Rock "2 Raw"
    "Just me and my posse / Strapped up when you gotta know the ropes like Ted Dibiase"
  • METHOD_Bob
    Method Man "Do What Ya Feel"
    "Dreamin' about Toni Braxton / Blowin' her back out like Bob Backlund"
  • Lupe_KingLawler
    Lupe Fiasco "Shining Down"
    "Chess? Yes, Baby I'm Jerry Lawler / Rebel with a cause, outlaw with a lawyer"
  • JR_Ramon
    J.R. Writer "9 Minute Freestyle"
    "F if you lift weights or if you tone, I'mma empty and throw the pick in your face like Razor Ramone"
  • Meek_Raw
    Meek Mill "Pandemonium"
    "Half my niggas down so I'm screaming fuck the law, Monday Night Wrestling, I'm so fuckin' Raw"
  • Camron_Hulk
    Cam'ron "Get Em Daddy"
    "I'm Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Part actin', Ha, Ha, Who they think they car jackin?"
  • LilWayne_Dusty
    Lil Wayne "Carter IV Intro"
    "I keep some bud like Rudy Huxtable, I body slam the beat, nigga Dusty Rhodes."
  • LilWayne_Cena
    Lil Wayne "Grove Street Party"
    "You know that I'm loaded but please don't think it's sweeter / Beat one of you bitch niggas up like John Cena"
  • Lil Wayne_Sid
    Lil Wayne "Stunt Hard"
    "I'm wild, Drizzy tough, and the kid vicious / The three horsemen, we just need Sid Vicious"
  • KurtAngle_Talib
    Talib Kweli "In The Mood"
    "Go hard like Iverson playin' with hurt ankles / Plus wrestle the topic from a different Kurt Angle."
  • JRWriter_JakeSnake
    J.R. Writer "Get Use To This"
    "When it come to paper chase, I dealt with major cake / Ever since Jake the Snake, all I rocked was Bathing Apes"
  • Wale_JimmySnuka
    Wale "Payback"
    "I'm Chris Tucker, fly like Snuka / A badass slam with a can like Smucker."
  • Joell_Honky
    Joell Ortiz "Talking About You (Ladies)"
    "But when we at them red carpet affairs? aw, man / My baby break necks like the Honky Tonk Man"
  • Jada_NWO
    Jadakiss "Pay Per View"
    "Jadakiss baby, throw plenty of blows / Cause the ryders roll thick like NWO"
  • Hodgy_Austin
    Hodgy Beats "Gun Sounds"
    "Earl was shippin' them coffins / Cause we sellin that frost, that stone cold, that Steve Austin"
  • Fred_UltimageWarrior
    Fred the Godson "Doves Fly"
    "I had to stash near the boiler / Night time playing the moon, a Houston Oiler / Brought the raw to ya / Had this diesel fiend tying up both his arms, Ultimate Warrior"
  • Fab_Vince
    Fabolous "This Is Family"
    "It's real talk, shade niggas couldn't get a tan from me / Cause I get in the ring for that Vince Mcmahon money"
  • Sandman_A
    Sandman "Ain't Cha"
    "On the chest of a biz-oss, it's a must I fliz-oss / My team wrestle for cheese like Eric Bischoff."
  • AsherRoth_ShawnMichaels
    Asher Roth "Be By Myself"
    "The cycle is Shawn Michaels, heartbreak / And yeah I like you, but not enough to wife you"

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    “I’m so close to the Edge, I gotta be a Christian.” -Charles Hamilton

  • Vito

    “We wrestling like The Rock” – Ludacris (track 7 or 8 off of Release Therapy)
    “I’m Vince McMahon with a beat” – Rick Ross (on that song with Nicki Minaj & Cam’Ron)

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      vince mcmahon has been gay for many many years

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    Where are the DZA and Domo ones?

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    “out of this galaxy, stratosphere, where i appear/ when i appear i treat the beat like rowdy roddy pipers gear, kilt it” & “shorty got that fiya head / bam bam bigelow” – Wale ‘Draft Pick’ (both lines from same song)