After last Saturday's BET Hip-Hop Awards, a majority of the news reports have focused on the supposed brawl between the camps of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. As a response, BET's President of Music Programming and Specials, Stephen Hill, spoke with Complex, stating "it's depressing" the media concentrated on negativity, when artists such as 50 Cent and Fat Joe—who argued for years—settled their differences on a tribute stage celebrating the legacy of Chris Lighty.

"It was a simple, cool moment in hip-hop, when 50 went over, Joe shook hands, and they walked off the stage," Mr. Hill said. "Nobody at any point in time thought that there’d be a disrespect of Chris on stage by the two of them, or any other factions going at it."

Regarding the much gossiped-about fight between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, the President of Music Programming first expressed his dislike for the widespread misinformation that gets a pass on Twitter. Then he added details of the fight. "There was absolutely an altercation behind the stage, it involved the crews of Ross and Jeezy. Ross and Jeezy passed each other in the hall. There was some shoving—it never turned into a fight," Mr. Hill confirmed. "I mean I’ve seen it on TMZ, there happened to be a mirror there, they weren’t throwing the mirror—it kind of just got in the way. If you look, people are trying to avoid the mirror as it falls. And Ross is walking towards the stage. This happened right before he went on stage."

About the rumored gunshots that were fired in the parking lot, Mr. Hill denied such allegations stating, "Police would’ve closed this down a completely different way had there been gunshots. If there’s gunshots, your show’s not going on. Everything comes to a halt. Nothing came to a halt."

While the taping of the BET Hip-Hop Awards '12 took place on Saturday, September 29th, the show will actually air on October 9th. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)