Shyne Criticizes Rick Ross, Calls Diddy a “Creep,” and Affirms his Jewish Ancestry

While many of hip-hop’s Jewish descendants are supportive of Rick Ross’ The Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape, former Bad Boy rapper Shyne wasn’t too pleased with Mr. Roberts’ decision for the title, or his career choices. On Hot 97′s The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show, Shyne (who now refers to himself as Shyne Po) called in from Paris to share his thoughts on Rozay’s past occupation, Diddy’s disloyal antics, his Jewish ancestry, and his latest mixtape Gangland. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)

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  • Dwahn Denson

    Just previewed Shyne’s new mixtape and the beats are poppin but he sounds alot like Rozay now i thought he sounded like B.I.G before the bid what the hell happened to his voice ??

  • AtrumViscus

    So many things wrong with this:

    0) He is “disgusted” with Rozay for making d-boy music, supposedly because he worked as a prison guard. Does him working as a guard mean he never sold drugs? Even if he never sold drugs outside prison, it is possible he trafficked drugs into prisons? Is it possible he was selling drugs on the side? How is him being a guard on the other side? He wasn’t literally locking niggas up. He was likely just keeping them from killing each other.

    1) At the same time, what is it that he did in prison that he is afraid to talk about? And how does prison alway break everyone’s spirit when pac came out harder than ever after his time?

    2) He is mad Rozay took his style. Let me ask you something. What use is a style if no one hears it? If these “kids today” don’t know anything about shyne, who’s fault is that besides shyne’s? And if the only reason for Rozay’s success today is his style, why isn’t shine just as successful?

    3) What difference does it make whether a person sold drugs or not? If drug music is harmful then should be saying no one should be making it. Unless art imitates life, and he is bullshitting.

    4) He said that Rozay was mocking the culture, then he said its good for the culture. He all but admitted he is jealous of drake’s success and acceptance by hip hop.

    • TheCommission

      It’s a big difference between a 11 month bid that Pac did and Shynes 10 YEARS.