Shyne Calls Kendrick Lamar’s Debut Album “Trash”

And the saga continues for rapper Shyne and his string of crabby-like comments. After aiming his crosshairs at Rick Ross, 50 Cent, Drake and Barack Obama weeks ago, the rapper now has his eye on Compton lyricist Kendrick Lamar and his new album. Despite the universal acclaim that’s been attached to K. Dot’s good kid, m.A.A.d city LP, Shyne doesn’t feel the same. In fact, he’s calling it “trash.”

Taking to his Twitter last night (October 23), Po vented some of his frustration with the former XXL Freshman’s major-label debut. “Yoooo! Kendrick Lamar is talented with a lot of potential but his album is traaaaash!” This was one of many tweets bashing the album. “When did honest become hating? I expected doggy style or the chronic. I got a product that was trash,” he continued.

“I’m inspired by other people’s greatness, it makes me work harder. I looked forward to hearing an instant classik from good kid. Trash!”

This comes as the aforementioned album continues to receive praise from critics, even garnering XXL’s prestigious distinction of “XXL.” While the album is currently in stores, Shyne is also prepping his forthcoming comeback album. —XXL (@XXL)

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  • wat


  • K.Dot 4 President!!

    This nigga is a Clown


    arent u suppose to write/rap about these things if u are a rapper

  • Alex Battie

    Shyne Po really livin’ up to his name now. smh

  • hootiehoo

    like this dude has any recent work thats at the very least notable…shyne is a joke


    Who cares about what this pathetic loser thinks?Shyne, we all know you need the attention, stop hating on other rappers in order to get it.

  • wordup

    shyne really is a fuck ass nigga…. when did honest become hating? Kendrick doing his thing, what the FUCK you doing nigga, stop tryna get attention off another man’s shit.

  • Just being real

    In my humble opinion I kind of agree with Shyne, maybe Kendrick’s album hasn’t grown on me enough but on first impression’s I wasn’t blown out of the water by it except for Master Splinter’s daughter and Bitch, Dant kill my vibe, those are the only 2 that have really stuck in my mind. Kendrick is very talented and I’m sure given time he will come with a real classic that may even get Nas shaking in his boots but it wont be this album.

  • Chad Eckersley

    XXL stop giving shyne articles. Theyre all about him bashing others who are way more successful then him. Matter of fact i only know who shyne is because i hear about his rants not his music. I THOUGHT SHYNE WAS A WOMEN BEFORE THE DRAKE ARTICLE,


    The album is not trash, but people are glorifying the shit out of this album!! Personally I would give it 3.5-4 stars out of 5.

  • Tracee Ginyard

    Shyne when what the last time you made a song. lmao

  • ShezSoAmbitiousKid

    He is enlisting 50 Cent’s tactic of talking shit or getting at everyone in the industry to stir up interest for his upcoming project before it drops. However, Shyne was and is NOT THAT POPPIN’ and has nothing dropping. So he needs to have several seats.Please and thank you.You have not been in this industry that long for anyone to value your opinion, sir.


    he might as well be one of those ppl tryan to sue michael jackson…bullshit artist couldnt see or make it to were KL is

  • JD Guzman

    I heard Kendrick’s album before I read any reviews on it and I was banging it front to back like it was a fine, thick broad! Shyne, on the other hand, hasn’t put a song out that’s been bangin in a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. What was it, Bad Boyz that went hard? His his first was aight, second album was trash, his next’ll prolly flop. Dude needs to focus on his work and get the fuck outta other people’s Shyne!

  • Ingle Woods

    it’s annoying how XXL always cites itself, “even garnering the prestigious XXL ranking from XXL”

  • Peter Han

    somebody give this clown a record deal



  • Kid Pistol

    I really don’t need to put it out there since everyone else has, but I can’t read this without commenting. Shyne completely fell the fuck off, he sucks, he sounds like he deepthroated way too many nancies in prison, and his overall delivery is worse than holy hell. Someone who hasn’t been relevant in years upon years and is incapable of making anything BUT trash has absolutely NO input on what’s hot or not. Not sure why XXL is latching on Shyne ever since he came back, but there’s plenty of unsigned or underrated artists that deserve the attention instead, I can promise that.

    • wordup

      exactly my FUCKING point, couldn’t have said it any better

  • mg

    now a days niggas reach just to sell they records… would absolutely MURDER shyne fuck him an his publicity seekin ass

    • jpiff

      are you stupid will never murder shyne. Shyne is way better lyrically than kendrick will ever be. kendrick just has the voice that shyne doesn’t.

      • jpiff is a dumb fuck

        I am literally dumbfounded by this statement. Let me take a wild guess…your favorite rappers are probably Pras and Magoo. You’re a dumb fuck.

  • KingChandler

    Granted he is just speaking his mind and stating an opinion, dude does seem like a severe attention whore lately, doesn’t get a response from talking about Diddy so he moves on to Rozay, that doesn’t get him any response so now he moves onto K. Dot. Don’t know why he decided to come out of the cage and destroy the legacy he had, not saying dude accomplished much but he did have 2 albums that I considered dope, obviously the first being his best, now all I think about when I hear his name is desperation and confusion from the man who came out of jail soo-woopin’ with a yamaka on.

  • Afi Keita James

    I’m gonna have to disagree with shyne on this album, this album is definitely one of the year’s best albums, a lot better than most of the junk out there today and certainly a lot better than most of the trash being pushed out ever since we lost tupac and biggie.

  • Rozay

    I Believe It’s Okay For People To Voice Their Opinion But When You Haven’t Had A Hit Song In Like 89591246576320973256142095892175946209 Years You Have No Say So On What’s Hot And What’s Not … Like Who Even Knew Shyne Still Existed, Dude Fell Completely The Fuck Off, He Is The Epitome Of Irrelevance, Dude Sucks So Much Ass … I Agree His 1st Was Alright, Second Album Flopped, Forthcoming Flop ! So He Can Take His Judging Ass On Somewhere And Stop Trying To Make Himself Back HOT Again By Stealing Other Artist Shine, No Pun Intended !!!

  • Yaga

    take it is a compliment he expected more for kendrick even though good kid was dope he was expecting that shit to be legendary shit people would talk about for years. Ol’ ass Shyne just gave a huge compliment to kendrick stating how dope he is even if it by saying the album was trash. He think can do better

  • raytarded

    LOL Shyne and DMX must me doing the same drugs SMH

  • Random Opinion

    Funny how he thinks he knows music so well, when he was out of the game for over a decade being in prison, tries to make a come back while being exiled for life from the US. Sit down.

  • Trevor Weddington

    In other “Obvisiously You Dont Know Shit” New…has Shyne not heard Shyne’s last album?

  • Kenshinxxx

    Nr. 1 nobody in today’s hip-hop.

  • justin

    ahaaha damn Shyne im guessing those Jewish b day parties aint paying enough??!!?!!?

  • Heavy Chevy

    Shyne is right – good kid maad city wasn’t that great. I got caught up in the hype and bought it. It’s allright, but definitely not a classic. However, Shyne’s music suck dog balls, so he better quit criticizing everyone else like a jealous bitch and get to getting his own shine instead of trying to take tarnish other peoples.

  • Mike Kim

    The only music Shyne should be reviewing is his own. Because it sounds like Baloo the Bear got fucked in the ass too many times. This is a joke.

  • Duke

    who da fuk is dis nigga anywayz!?!?!