Lil B Makes “Based History,” Tries Out for the Golden State Warriors’ D-League Team

During the weekend of October 14, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors held open try-outs for it’s D-League affiliate, Santa Cruz Warriors D-League in Aptos, CA. Of the many aspiring athletes who took part in the challenge, including a 76-year-old aspiring hooper who was trying to accomplish the last goal on “his bucket list,” was none other than the Central Coast’s Based God, Lil B.

B, real name Brandon McCartney, attended the try-outs after announcing via Twitter weeks ago that he would be trying out for the NBA franchise. “I wanna let you know ima be trying out for the nba golden state warriors in october lets stay #based and positive – Lil B (sic),” tweeted the rapper. Though he actually tried out for the D-League instead, the Bay Area native spoke to NBC KSBW 8 about the experience, revealing that he was simply “putting my skills to the test and supporting Bay Area teams and spreading that love.”

Lil B’s NBA goals come after the former XXL Freshman’s endless attempts at challenging Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant to a one-on-one game of basketball. The two have been going back and forth on Twitter for months, with the three-time scoring champ laughing off the contest. B eventually placed what he called, “The curse of the Based God” on the NBA superstar, which fans deem as the reason for the Thunder’s loss in this year’s NBA Finals.

“At the nba warriors tryouts right now just did a interview for the news, love to the whole golden state warriors staff i love yall – Lil B,” the rapper tweeted after his try outs, “ITS CRAZY CUZ I THOUGHT COACH WUD BE PLAYING ME AS THE 1 AT NBA TRY OUTS TODAY BUT HE WANTED ME AT THE 2, TODAY WAS  HISTORY – Lil B.”

The Based God also recently dropped his latest mixtape, Illusions of Grandeur 2, which is available here.—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

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  • Uncle Bitches

    get based

  • TYBG

    Central Cost’s based god? WTF? Berkeley. Bay Area.

  • Harriet__Tubman

    BASED GOD helped me in the Underground Railroad. I’ll never forget it. Thank you Based God.

  • Lateef Watson

    Lil B is the wackest dude in music right now. Some artist need to get a job behind the scenes. Get it behind the scenes…lol

  • Sherl

    Oh for rills? I thought Lateef Watson was the wackest dude in music right nowBASEDGOD.