What Did Rihanna Call Drake at the VMAs?

Moments after the clip for Drake’s single “HYFR” received the Best Hip-Hop Video award, cameras captured Rihanna— who sat only seats  from the YMCMB camp— turning away from Drake and remaining idle, while the rest of the crowd cheered for the Canadian rap star. As Drake and his crew reached the podium, the cameras panned to Rihanna mouting something. Using their lip-reading skills, TMZ reported that Riri may have called Drizzy an asshole.

XXL isn’t completely sure the Barbadian singer used the A-word. What do you think the pop singer said regarding Drake? Watch the clip and let us know in the comments? —XXL Staff (@XXL)

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  • mr.crenshaw

    either “Drake is a @sshole”… or “They are some @ssholes”…. Also… Did anyone Notice the MTV Awards Aired the same night as the Democratic National Convention? Isnt that a little weird considering MTV usually airs award shows on Saturday… I wonder how much the RNC paid Viacom…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.jack Ronald Jack

      You’re right. They usually do it on a Saturday or Sunday

  • Mikey F Baby

    Who cares about Rihanna. Katy Perry is fine as fk lol

  • 2time

    Rhianna….yes i wanna – but – drake and chris already dunna.

  • yaboyyoungbe

    i think she said he eats Ahole… idk

    • Lee

      now THAT’S more likely


    real talk, you can’t say shit if you fucked and sucked this nigga, rich bitches are STILL just bitches in this man’s world.

    • lee

      don’t be silly. rihanna has more money, power & hoes than drake — grow up, just bc she is a girl doesn’t mean she has to forever be silent bc she ALLOWED this weirdo to hit. she can say whatever she wants after doing whatever she wants… but i’m sure she regrets it bc that nigga IS an asshole

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000691348359 Cody James

        both of yall are fucking stoopid, keep crying.

  • DBellZ

    video removed???

  • Dolo

    fuck riri shes just a hoe… do yo thang drizzy