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    Web Candy of the Week: Jessenia Vice
    It only takes one look at Jessenia Vice to fall in lust. The voluptuous vixen flaunts the total package, blending flawless facial features with a stacked, hour-glass-shaped silhouette figure. Though she’s only been blessing the game for four years, the Ecuadorian beauty’s résumé has rewarded her with top-notch recognition. Recently, <em>XXL</em> was given the privilege to become acquainted with Jessenia Vice on an interpersonal level. Find out <em>XXL</em>'s exclusive findings, along with some jaw-dropping photos of the luscious New Jersey native. —<em>Christian Bonoan</em> (<a href="http://twitter.com/chrisakachise">@chrisakachise</a>)
  • Jessenia Vice_On Finishing School
    On Finishing School
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "I love learning and I espeically love to apply what I've learned. Going to school has always been important, which is why I'm excited to return to Seton Hall to finish my bachelor's program. I love walking into a class room with my books in hand, taking notes and classroom discussions. Nothing beats that one-to-one experience. Although, with my schedule, online classes are an asset to me as well."
  • Jessenia Vice_Her Career as a LPN
    Her Career as a Licensed Practical Nurse
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "Working at the psychiatric emergency room has allowed me to maintain being grounded. It is funny, my collegues think I'm a celebrity and when they tell my clients they get star strucked but really I'm far from it! What I love about my job is being able to help others through difficult times in their lives. A little girl, who was sucidal is now a young adult full of life and achieving goals she never imagined having. She recently found my Facebook and sent me the sweetest thank you note on my wall."
  • Jessenia Vice_On Her Early Childhood
    On Her Early Childhood
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "Growing up, I was such a chubby kid and a real tomboy. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought I'd be modeling as an adult. Modeling has been something that has always crossed my path and I've been fortunate that people have allowed me to work on great opportunities. For example, I'm at Karma in New York and the producer of the <em>Jersey Shore</em> on MTV asked me if I could act. I said, "Yes!" Next day their casting director is booking me to film a movie for Spike TV. <br /><br />"[I'm telling] you, I've been very lucky and I count my blessings. While most search, things just knock on my door. Now that I have a following and developed my own brand, I'm using my modeling connections to pursue my dream in music. Selena, my idol, did it all. She sang, acted, modeled and had her own clothing line which she designed. My first song is a dance-pop "In Love w The DJ" and I'm telling you first at <em>XXL</em> that the video is bananas! Shout out to Latin James Clark who also directed videos for 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and others."
  • Jessenia Vice_On Hosting Her Own Online Radio Show
    On Hosting Her Own Online Radio Show
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "I was given the opportunity to conduct my own radio show <em>Vice City</em> on A-List radio which allowed my followers and new audience to learn more about me as a person with a personality as oppose to a sex symbol in photos. It was an amazing experience especially since A-List is where many heavy hitters started from such as Laura Styles, Kast One, and LBoogs."
  • Jessenia Vice_On Being Crowned Kim Kardashian's Queen Look-a-Like
    On Being Crowned Kim Kardashian's Queen Look-alike
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "Not many know this but I was on the <em>Tyra Banks Show</em> six months into the game, back in 2009. Tyra and Kim Kardashian herself picked me to be "Kims' Queen Look A-like." Since then I've been able to break away from that title and build my own identity. Because when I look at the mirror I don't see Kim, I see my mom and dad."
  • Jessenia Vice_Side Hustles
    On Her Side Hustles
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "Keep your eyes open for me on Spike TV, MTV, BET, and MUN2! So much is happening. Also keep your ears open for my song! Let's not forget I'll be Two In The Shirt brand with my own shirt! I can't wait. I'm truly excited about everything."
  • Jessenia Vice_Advice for Aspiring Models
    Advice for Aspiring Models
    <strong>Jessenia Vice:</strong> "I pretty much represent a role model for models on the come up. Knowing your worth in the industry, not to be disrespected and work free of charge from photographers. There's also the importance of being single and not being tied down. If you're taken, make sure the significant other supports you. My advice to models will always be, have a realistic plan to fall on if pursing your dreams don't fall through. I never gave up my full-time job and with it, I pay the bills and have health benefits. Always have self respect. Too many girls sell themselves short. It's sad and not only can it mess you up in the industry, but it can also affect you psychologically. Being a woman in a man's world isn't easy. Especially if you're looking for love. If you're going to date, make sure it's with a man who can inspire you, motivate you and be your supporter and friend."

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