Suelyn Medeiros Keeps the Temperature Sizzling

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    Suelyn Medeiros Keeps the Temperature Sizzling
    Suelyn Medeiros is wanted by the L.A. County for her failure to show up at a court hearing on August 17, where she was expected to provide proof that she completed 10 AA classes and a three-month alcohol program. According to TMZ, the Brazilian-American model, who boasts incredible physical features, was arrested for DUI in Hollywood on July 2011. So, where is she? According to her Twitter, she's in the midst of a shoot, further exposing her amazing looks. <em>XXL</em> doesn't condone drunk driving, but having Medeiros locked up wouldn't be good for anyone. She's best served—men all over the world agree—modeling bikinis than orange jumpsuits. Here, <em>XXL</em> offers a gallery of Suelyn Medeiros' bombshell photos. —<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="">@XXL</a>)
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