Lupe Fiasco Threatens To Quit Music After Chief Keef Twitter Exchange

Lupe Fiasco has been making a lot of headlines on Twitter in the last couple weeks. First, there was his exchange with a writer from Spin, where the Chicago rapper took offense to a critique of his “Bitch Bad” video. Then, earlier tonight, the Atlantic Records signee took to the social media platform and let loose another string of notable tweets.

It started in response to fellow Windy City native Chief Keef, who wrote the following:

In turn, Lupe addressed Keef directly (some messages which were retweeted by Keef are included below , though others have since been deleted):

Eventually, Lupe expressed his overall distaste with how he feels he has been received, and later said his upcoming Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1 will “probably” be his last, before he pursues literature.

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  • klankiller

    Chief Dick is just another talent-less garbage rapper from the mainstream. Lupe is a forever king CK is a ignorant goon

  • Duane Stevenson

    Dam black people we are fuck up!! we are still slaves

    • tt

      black people ARE NOT slaves. niggers with no drive or desire for things that will enhance & propel us forward as a people ARE the saveages. as chris rock stated years ago, niggers make it hard for black people.

  • Smitty

    this is fuckin sad that someone who has talent gets forced out of the game by fuckin dime a dozen scrubs

  • Cole Pnazek

    Fuck chief keef he just ruined hip-hop forever.

  • T.I.A. (This Is Afrika)

    Fuck Lupe’s Hollywood B.S. tantrums…You can’t handle the game as an artist or be a boss and pave way and direct new talent from business aspect of it either…then step aside and let nigaz with vision & commitment do so…Hop on back your little Skateboard & Stay your Simple Ass in the CHI..You know what the game is about and how it go…whether you an artist or Exec…Lupe a Punk…You don’t like how shit is…Change it. Stop Bitchin!!!!!!!

    • Slim256

      That’s the thing though. He’s saying he tried to change it, but that shit got spit back in his face.

      “i have spoken the truth to them yet it has only made my life in this world more troubled. i have spoken peace only 2 receive vitriol and malice in return.”

    • Ill Will

      Are you serious?! Hollywood BS?! Wake up to what your doing, how your living and what your living for fam. This game isn’t about going to war with our people so in that sense you got it all fucked up. I hate when people don’t see the politics behind the enslavement and think its just one thing. Have you ever even listened to Lupe’s records?! If that’s not trying to change on a global scale as well as being a community activist then like Keef your a lost cause. Open your eyes before you open your mouth…

    • Sameer Gupta

      The game? the very same one that killed all those guys in Chicago? He says something intelligent and this moronic kid goes ahead and threatens him. Some game buddy. Another reason you shouldn’t give idiotic kids like him record deals and a soapbox.

  • asf

    who cares? lupe hasnt made quality music in a long time

  • Brian

    Im Not The Biggest Lupe Fan But I Watch Him From Afar And Know And Respect His Intelligence, Great Music, And Overall Good Nature. I Say Stick With It LUPE But As Smart As The Brother Is He Can And Most Likely Will Succed In Whatever He Pursues. I Fucks With Lupe And I Dont Want The Brother To Leave Music. But His Impact Is Eternal!

  • iain_banks

    Who’s buying keef’s retarded records? 14 year old white kids. They’re laughing at us, listening to us while we entertain them by killing ourselves. Its an even worse version of a 21st century minstrel show. I used to think our only obstacle was a white supremacist system. We succeeded on that front only to be brought down by ourselves.

  • Leto El

    I love Lupe to dedicate himself to literature! What he can do in a 5 minutes song is incredible, just imagine the level he can reach if he is not constrained by form!
    The rest of the world will finally see how greater a writer he is!