Like many rap fans, Crystal Sutton was bombarded with tweets alerting her to the release of Lil Wayne’s new mixtape, The Dedication 4, on Labor Day (September 3).

But in this case, fans were hitting Sutton to let her know that track No. 10, “Green Ranger," featured Weezy and J. Cole rhyming over her husband G. Dep’s classic 2001 single, “Special Delivery.” (This past May 8, Trevell “G. Dep” Coleman was sentenced to 15 years in prison exactly three weeks after being found guilty of the 1993 New York City murder of Queens man John Henkel in a botched robbery attempt in Harlem).

So, what did Sutton think of Cole and Weezy helping to keep Dep’s rap name alive by rhyming over arguably his most popular song?

“Bringing back the beat definitely makes people think of ‘Special Delivery,’” she told “I have seen a lot of Twitter activity with mentions of ‘the Harlem Shake is back’ or ‘this makes me want to listen to G. Dep.’

“So, ultimately, I am happy and play helps pay to keep going in Trevell’s commissary,” she added.

In particular, Sutton was delighted by Cole’s verse, which described his struggling come up. She compared it to her hubby's hungry rhyme style when he was a rapper for Bad Boy Records.

“[I was] surprised...happy that J. Cole rapped to the essence of my husband’s style,” she explained. “J. Cole told a story, growing up. That was cool ’cause everyone can relate to it, like driving your parents car.”

She’s referring to the cut’s opening verse, where Cole World spits:

“When this shit dropped I was like 16/Tryna get some head from a mixed thing—big dreams/Say goodbye to ripped jeans, nigga got a job/Had my little wad, worst fear was getting robbed/For my last 50 dollars that I had left over/5 dollars in they pocket, nigga in his left shoulder/Minimum wage, $5.15/13’s on the whip, kept my shit clean/Actually that was my mama shit.”

Sutton and Coleman have twin boys together. They'll turn nine-years-old next month. —Mark Lelinwalla