Flo Rida is a worldwide pop star, but that doesn't mean he has all his finances in order. According to separate reports, the Carol City rapper is being sued by a security company and owes the IRS a hefty sum.

TMZ is reporting that the MC owes security company ADT $47,134.40 for allegedly failing to pay in full for a security system that was installed in his home in 2009. The system, which is said to have included 27 cameras as well as other safety measures, was set at a price of $58,000, of which Flo paid nearly $20,000, and now he owes the rest, plus interest. The site is also saying that he claims he never authorized the work, and thus shouldn't have to pay.

Meanwhile, the site GossipExtra says that the rapper owes the IRS $1,040,777.45, and that he hasn't filed taxes since 2009. They also claim to have obtained a statement from his lawyer, Reginald Mathis, who said, “The accountants are already checking into it." —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)