At Public Assembly in Brooklyn Wednesday night (September 12), M-1 and of dead prez announced that their long-awaited album, Information Age is finished and will be released on October 16. talked about the new album and
 explained the evolution of their work in a pre-show interview with XXL: “The theme of Let’s Get 
Free was all about the freedom struggle. The theme of RBG 
(Revolutionary But Gangsta) was how the freedom struggle relates to 
the streets. Information Age is how the freedom struggle relates to 
the spirit. We’re dealing with consciousness and all different forms of 

It was impossible to miss those themes at last night's show. From the
 Buddhist prayer beads wore, to the duo rapping “Malcolm, 
Garvey, Huey” over the “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” instrumental, M-1 and stic 
were displaying their artistry by showcasing multi-dimensional aspects of their influences.

The night's playlist was heavily filled with tracks from the group's earlier albums, including their
 most recognized and crowd-energizing anthems, “Hip-Hop,” and “Radio Freq.” The set also gave a
 sneak peek of some upcoming materials from Information Age. When asked to describe the sound of the album, stated, “It'll be futuristic, ’hood, introspective, new-age, unorthodox, esoteric, ghetto, grimy all in one

On top of their usual calls encouraging fans to stay healthy,
 performed “Back on My Regimen,” a track off his recent solo venture, The Workout—an album he designed to accompany and inspire fitness 
training. Stic dubbed his new style “fit hop,” and had the whole crowd bouncing and chanting, “I could get 
swole like Tookie with it.”

M-1 and swooped into their home territory last night with a 
level of energy and focus that far outweighed the small stage and
 venue. As the expansiveness of their new material shows, dead prez's mission is still bigger than hip-hop. —Katie Moore