50 Cent has brought in a high-powered team to investigate Chris Lighty’s death—at the request of Lighty’s grieving mother—veteran reporter Lisa Evers reported for Fox 5 News on Monday night (September 24).

50 told Evers that he believes Lighty would have done the same for him and his family if the roles were reversed. The rap superstar added that the Violator Management founder, who was found dead in his Bronx home on August 30 due to what police called “self-inflicted gunshot wounds,” had too much to live for to commit suicide.

“It was too much planning to move forward to accept that he just shot himself,” 50 said.

’Fif said he and Lighty were planning out a 50 Cent worldwide tour next year that would have pocketed Lighty “$4.5 million easy.” The comments come after 50 has repeatedly told interviewers that Lighty wasn’t in any financial troubles.

Fox 5 News’ Evers was also able to obtain a copy of Lighty’s will, which essentially leaves everything to his wife with the statement, “I give my entire residuary estate, real and personal, to her.”

The results of a second autopsy, which Lighty's family ordered, are inconclusive thus far.—Mark Lelinwalla