Young Jeezy Sued by Former Manager For Half of Earnings

Young Jeezy’s former manager and best friend, Demetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee, is suing the Atlanta rapper for half of his business earnings, according to the Courthouse News Service.

According to the News Service, Ellerbee filed a lawsuit against his former best friend and business partner, Jeezy, in Fulton County Superior Court last week, claiming that he helped the Snowman form his Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) group and that he’s “entitled to half of all royalties, advances and distributions.”

Ellerbee adds that Jeezy, real name Jay Jenkins, has “intentionally misappropriated, diverted and/or converted funds” meant for CTE.

“In response to defendant Jenkins’ recent notoriety as a solo artist, major music recording labels began showing interest in signing defendant CTE and defendant Jenkins to a production and/or recording agreement,” the complaint states.

Added Ellerbee’s attorney Mario Breedlove:

“We believe the facts of the lawsuit speak for themselves, and Mr. Ellerbee is hopeful that this matter can be resolved among the parties swiftly and amicably.” reached out to Ellerbee, but hasn’t heard back from him as of press time.

Earlier this month, Jeezy was named the Senior VP of A&R at Atlantic Records.

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  • Dblocc4l1300

    Money is the root of evil……keep it real Dawg with you best boy don’t let the industry change you….but I always tried to tell my Big Bruh don’t let them industry people make y’all turn on each other…but it happend any way….kink you was the last man standing to hold Jay street cred together before his true side really be exposed…..I know he thinks he don’t need anybody when you on top of the world….but it’s no different when you make major sacrifice just to be on top……the 48 Laws Of Power what Dawg live by. But a real loyal man keeps it real no matter what. Every industry cat who is on top sacrifice some close people to get there….ain’t no way I will sell out for success …..I am close with both of them…..ain’t asked neither one for a dime throught out they music career….done took major loses in the game the whole ride but still syr8 til this day…..long as I got my real family and dont have to worry about where my next meal coming from and a roof over them family head…..we living. I wish y’all the best of luck in that situation and pray it don’t have to get violent because I heard Dawg say he rather be dead then broke……