will.i.am’s Five Most Extraterrestrial Moments


will.i.am will make history today (August 28), becoming the first artist to stream a song from the surface of Mars via NASA’s Curiosity Rover. Premiering the appropriately titled “Reach for the Stars,” the Black Eyed Peas leader took to Twitter to express his delight, writing “#blessed I will be apart of first song ever to be sent from another planet.” Will.i.am’s affinity for the intergalactic world is nothing new, so take a look at his most extraterrestrial moments… —XXL Staff (@XXL)

Meet me halfway

In the video for the Black Eyed Peas single "Meet Me Halfway," will.i.am is seen riding on an elephant on a moon of Jupiter, while the other members find themselves in other parts of the solar system. Eventually they all turn into shooting stars and return to earth. Finally we know where these guys came from.

CNN Hologram

Will.i.am appeared in hologram form on CNN in 2008, joining Anderson Cooper to discuss the incoming election results. One can only wonder what planet he was actually on at the time...


will.i.am took on the role of Kestrel in the 2009 superhero flick X-Men Origins:Wolverine, where he flexed his teleportation powers, allowing him to appear and disappear at will. Now would anyone actually be surprised if will.i.am could actually do this? Not us.


The Black Eyed Peas' 2011 Superbowl Performance was certainly out of this world. With a Tron theme, and a space invader get up, Will took over, opening with "I Gotta Feeling," much to the delight of the glow stick dancers in the crowd.

Reach For The Stars

And without further ado, here is will.i.am’s single “Reach For The Stars,” which premiered this afternoon from Mars. Unfortunately this stream is only debuting the track from XXLMag.com, but that’s almost as special.