Health issues continue to plague Tone Loc.

The rapper, who’s best known for his 1988 smash single, “Wild Thing,” appeared to suffer a seizure during a comedy show at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles on Monday night (August 13), according to multiple sources who spoke to TMZ.

The celebrity news website reports that Loc was attending a charity event, which provides food for homeless people, when he began flailing around in his seat and gasping for air.

An ambulance arrived at the scene promptly and Loc recovered. The rapper’s manager told TMZ that he didn’t have a seizure and merely reacted to bad food.

But whatever the case may be, Loc has definitely had his fair share of health concerns over the past few years. Tone suffered exhaustion in two separate incidents only two years apart in 2009 and 2011 and when he was pulled over by police for a DUI last year, he told cops that he suffers from seizures, also according to TMZ.—XXL Staff (@XXL)