Paul Wall and custom grill business partner Johnny Dang aka TV Johnny already customized a grill for U.S. gold medal-winning swimmer Ryan Lochte. Now, they’re looking forward to hook up another American Olympian with customized mouth bling—Kobe Bryant.

If the Team USA men’s basketball team goes on to win a gold medal—something they’re largely expected to do—the People’s Champ and TV Johnny would love to see Kobe rocking their grill.

“He’s the greatest basketball player of our era, of his generation right now,” Paul Wall told XXL. “We want to see him wear [a grill]…that’d be sick.”

Best of all, Wall already has a vision for Bryant’s expensive conversation.

“A gold one with purple stones in it,” Wall said. “Purple and gold for the Lakers.”

His business partner shares the same enthusiasm.

“I’d love if Kobe rocks one of our grills,” said TV Johnny, who added that Bryant’s Olympic teammate LeBron James has purchased four grills from him and Wall in the past. “That’d be the best. He’s a big part of hip-hop. We would do whatever he wants.”

Best of all, Bryant would be able to do whatever he wants for free. After XXL broke the news that Wall and Dang were the ones responsible for customizing the stars-and-stripes diamond and ruby American flag grill that Lochte flashed after winning the gold medal, the Houston rapper vowed that “any U.S. Olympian who wins a gold medal, we’re going to make ’em a free grill…on the house.”

Dang said that none of the several gold medal-winning U.S. Olympians have reached out to them as of press time to collect their free grill, but expects them to once they return to the States from London, the hub of the 2012 Olympics.

In addition to Bryant, Wall would like to see other players flash a custom grill.

“Deron Williams is from Texas, so I’d definitely like to see him in one,” said Wall, who’s currently working on a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid. “I’d like to put Chris Paul in one.”

This should all be possible judging from Team USA's performance thus far, which included an 83-point stomping of Nigeria on Thursday (August 3). —Mark Lelinwalla